Thursday, 31 March 2011

Back to Amarr

In Pator I scored 2 more Hurricanes and moved my operations back to Amarr space, my Orca alt is nearing completition of his training and I wanted to find a cosy spot with unsuspecting targets for my enterprise.

Star map analysis revealed high density of mission runners in Domain in Orkashu system, I liked this spot from the moment I warped through the gate. Firstly it has only one station, secondly only 2 gates, thirdly is relatively small and most importantly is buzzing with mission runners comming here from neighbouring systems.

Despite the fact that I was identified as a ninja and mentioned numerous times in local chat on the day of my arrival, Apocalypse and Raven pilots fell to my guns.  Pilots were instructed not to shot thiefs in the future but no valuable tears were collected on that day except for that one drop.

Timmer702lv > why are you in my mission taking my loot

I was just about to answer when this happened

(combat) Warrior II belonging to Timmer702lv hits you, doing 16.5 damage.

I had no choice but to defend myself

(notify) You have started trying to warp scramble Timmer702lv [R.W.R]<PMA>(Raven).
(notify) Warp Disruptor II deactivates as Timmer702lv's Raven begins to explode.

I think that answered his question, I really had no chance to clarify my position before he ragelogged.

Next encounter was very interesting one, I scanned Dominix, he just finished a mission and was about to take off as I arrived. I started cleaing up the mess he made and seconds later Cormorant arrived on the grid, it looked unrelated to mission runner and I also started salvaging and looting wrecks, I filled up my cargo and left one can with my loot as a bait for Cormorant. Back to station I changed my Salvaging Vigil to Mighty Vigil and came back to the mission grid, Cormorant ignored my can and I was loosing hope when directional blinked with Crow. Interceptor, now that looked interesting, no doubt he has backup so only question is can I kill him before cavalry arrives or not, he landed on top of me and targeted me immediately I returned lock and he turned red. He had MWD on and my scram held him in place firmly, my overheated guns and drone tore him apart in seconds, I'd love to see his face when he realised what he got himself into. Upon closer inspection this turned out this was very old ship, it still had large rigs fitted. Unfortunately his faction MWD was destroyed but it was very satisfying kill nonetheless.

Moments after Crow exploded Gila arrived on the grid, looked unrelated to Crow pilot and I started heading towards my bait can planted there for the purpose of catching Cormorant. I knew there was no point trying to charge Gila in my Vigil so I warped back to station to reconsider my options. Gila pilot and Crow pilot were from 2 different corps, I knew Crow tried to stall but was he waiting for Gila (?) that seemed unlikely. I really had an itch and it needed to be scratched, I jumped inn my Hurricane, checked supplies of ammo and cap boosters and hit undock.

Gila was parked at the station waiting for me, Crow pilot was nowhere to be seen. Every common sense in my brain was screaming "TRAP" but every emotion was screaming "HIT HIM", so I did. He had shields lots of it and hardeners, as My drones and my guns were nibbling slowly his shields, he slowly started grinding my armour plates, I was clearly winning, he was at 1/4 of his shields and I have lost only about a quarter of my armour. I was about to start my victory dance when Crow pilot appeared at station in Rokh! I checked timers, there was still 2 minutes on my aggro, he left me in no doubt about his intentions, suddenly tables have turned and I've found myself surrounded by 10 Hammerheads II and fired upon by a bloody Battleship. They made a quick work of me and my second "ninja cane" went up in flames.

We had a good chat and I've learned there is a small group of them in the area, doing some extortions, mercenary assignments and high sec wars. They told me to call them if I ever need some RR and we parted our ways.

2 days later I had a hilarious encounter with a missioner who despite being warned by other pilots in local chat about nature of my enterprise decided to shot my Bait Vigil. To make it worse he then waited for me and tried to shot my Mighty Vigil. Needless to say everyone in local had a good laugh after his Destroyer assploded. I continued my hunt and the same day my long wait was finally rewarded with a great catch.

Since downing TFI I am always on the lookout for faction Battleships and my probes soon returned with some good news. There was Apocalypse Navy Issue harassing local Sansha population. I'm no fan of Sansha but when opportunity calls .... In seconds I was sitting in my Bait Vigil setting up directional scan and keeping my fingers cautiously crossed. He must have finished mission just before my arrival, I speeded to nearest wreck to make sure I blink red to him before he warps off. ANI pilot wasn't in a hurry, he was looking at me waiting to see what this small ship is doing in his mission. As soon as I looted first wreck he targeted me and fired, I am alway on a move so he missed me completely. I decided to check him out before warping away, findings were good, expensive fit but complete failure, shield booster, armour hardeners, perfect target for me. If I had Orca this would be very simple, he couldn't hit me and appeared to have no drones (or forgot them) but at the time my alt was still 5 days away from being able to fly it and I had to swap ships in station.

In my infinite optimism I undocked my Hurricane and swiped area with directional, he wasnt in the mission anymore but scanner quickly detected him at gate. It was going almost too easy, he returned fire instead of jumping so either he was overconfident or stupid. I remembered trap from couple of days ago but what did I have to lose. After making quick work of his drones my guns scratched his structure and I opened convo with demand of 100 mln isk - now I think I was cheap, should have asked for 200 mln.

First without a word he paid 100k, then after another volley hit his hull and he paid 100 mln! In a classic ninja move Apocalypse Navy Issue exploded seconds later. Sadly he wasn't going to share his tears with me and ragelogged immediately. I had to be really quick collecting loot, his wreck was empty looted and salvaged within seconds. Imperial Navy Heat Sink netted me cool 61 mln on contract and other bits were put away for later use or sell if the need be. That one kill covered all my loses since start of my ninja experiment and more, really pleased with myself I logged and decided to have a couple of days rest from EVE.

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