Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Still Flying

Yes, after couple of years of inactivity I decided to get back to blogging. I have some spare time at work so hopefully this won't be just one of entry.

For those who expect more tales about me spanking greedy carebears in their shiny battleships bad news is I not longer pursue ninja career. There is a good news too, I still like to blow up ships, now happily in low sec. My sec status for quite some time is -9.9 and I am quite confident to wear my -10 badge within next couple of weeks.

In other words I am now a bloodthirsty lowsec pirate, a noble one for that matter since nowadays my ransoms are honoured. It was hard to accept that change after long time I spent exploiting naivety of my hisec victims but in the end it really does not matter that much, in my new life ransoms are far and few in between.

So how did I get here. After my shenanigans in high sec I went afk for about a year. I came back in August last year and joined small mercenary outfit living in lowsec security space. It was fun new experience my enemies were shooting back and I was losing ships. In addition I had to balance my sec status above -2 since we were running some high sec ops. I have met some cool people and some very skilled pilots. Lowsec was rough and scary place at first but I learned to like it.

Our small corp fell apart after couple of months, people went on to do different things. I had no intentions to go back to "ninjaing" missions, compared to living in low sec it felt like slaughter of babies. I very briefly joined low sec corp called Easily Excited but after learning that 90% of their "pvp" consists of sitting on the gate with logi and smart bombing BS I was on the lookout for a new home.

I came across pvp wormhole corp living in C2 called "Zabijaki i Pijaki" (transl. Killers and Drunkers). Wormhole was a great yet frustrating experience for me, there were weeks when we went to null sec roams every day, I was mainly flying interceptors and we had some fun fights lost lots of ships and killed even more but there were days when I spent 2 hours scanning and scanning and then logging out. After about 4 months I decided that PI and scanning is getting boring and went back to Hek.

Without a doubt, most fun I had was when I lived in lowsec and I made up my mind, lowsec piracy was my EVE destiny. I was on lookout for fairly relaxed but active corp with skilled players from whom I could learn and improve. Without rushing into things I prowled recruitment forums and channels for couple of weeks and eventually approached "The Bastards".

I still remember when I joined comms for the first time and introduced myself, Johny Twelvebore (CEO) commented that since I have found access to their comms, I must be "not that stupid" and my application to their feeding corp "Meathshield Bastards" was immediately accepted.

6 months and couple of hundred kills later I am now part of this respected and well known outfit. Check out our website here

our recruitment thread on eve forums

and our in-game channel