Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Accidental afterparty

Upon logging yesterday, I asked about CTA earlier on and was told that CTA is over and I can carebear all I want. Rather disappointed I opened fleet browser looking for some action. Turned out there was a fleet forming to help Goons rep their tower in Venal, Jackal lead train to UMI, we were told we could see PL as they like shooting Goons.

Whole op was looking like a bit of anticlimax, 100+ PL pilots were sitting 2 jumps away and didn't really wanted to engage us as we were over 300 men strong in 2 fleets. After uneventful tower repping we went back to UMI and waited for Goons to get back to Tribute. Goons passed by our tower waved and flew away, few minutes later fleet was called down and we have reformed for return to Fade. As soon as return fleet formed, comms exploded with shouts that Goons were jumped by PL in X47L-Q.

We have reformed fleet on the way to the battle under Goon FC. Amazing how quickly over 100 people gathered on the gate to X47, when we jumped in Goons were down about 10 BS. Unlike last time I was prepared, my shields were up, I had no repeats on launcher and as per orders I was orbiting FC at 5K. PL Abaddons started dropping really quickly our FC said he was rather suprised how disciplined we were compared to Goons who are so obsessed with KB scores that they shot everything in range heheh. After about 15 minutes they started warping out, we managed to get points on 2 carriers and those were 2 cherries on this rather juicy cake. http://kb.eve-42.com/?a=kill_related&kll_id=185313

It turned out to be not such a bad evening in the end (not so bad for me anyway), Goons went back home, probably pissed off with their loss of aprox 15 BS.

My training for Core Capacitor Standard should be over soon, I have to start gathering money for BS and fittings so no PVP for me today. Still can't decide whether I should go for Mael, Tempest or maybe try to bring my Typhoon from Torrinos, I have few more days to decide. I should really wind down my PI operations in Heimatar and probably plant some extractors locally in Fade, so many things to do so little time, roll on Xmas....

Sunday, 19 December 2010

CTA 19/12/10

I was almost late for that one, logged in at 5pm when fleet was about to set off from P-2. Jumped in my Drake and gave it full speed through 2 jump bridges to join 100man strong fleet.

FC ordered best speed to J5A and told us that Goons and WI are also on the way. Rumors were we are expected and should be expecting strong resistance. Train to J5A was rather uneventful scouts reported few neuts on the way, someone managed to grab a neut drake on the way but it popped before I managed to lock him, now he knows what's it like to fall under running train.

From J5A to PNQ we have moved in tight group, local intel must have warned everyone that large fleets operate in the area and all locals were either in CTA or docked safely out of harms way. Without any resistance we have parked 50km below station in PNQ and almost immediately 2 defense fleets landed on the grid. Comms cleared, brackets off, shields and weapons armed, everyone was awaiting for first contact. Eventually it happend, fleets warped towards station and first targets were called.

Initial lag was as expected horrible, after fight started I realised my missiles are on auto-repeat. I tough "What a noob I am", took me couple of minutes to switch auto-repeat off and I eventually could start shooting. Without brackets I didn't see where I am in relation to rest of the fleet, so when I hit keep at range to FC, it turned out I drifted almost 40km away, MWD on and burn back to safety of my bloob. During fight FC pased command to his 2nd as he had some friends arriving at the door, talk about timing lol. Anyway, 2nd took command, called targets and we proceeded dismantling enemy defences. Fight was going on for about 20-30 min, and enemy fleets started thinning noticeably, eventually rest of them warped off. I switched on brackets and there it was, sea of juicy loot. Auto-repeat back on, missiles went towards targeted station and I proceeded to scavenging wrecks of defenders. Cargo filled quickly, station went back into reinforcement and FC called alignment to enemy POS.

Warp to POS there they were, like rats in the cage, 2 enemy fleets sitting in safety of a POS. While they were clearly not interested in engaging us we have incapacitated couple of missile batteries and at that point command decided that is enough for today. Aligned to 9-V gate and off we went, WI slightly ahead of us with Goons at the back of the train. Upon jumping gate we were told that possibly defenders will want to jump on Goons during retreat, quickly re-approached gate we waited for signal to jump back in. Signal came in seconds later and we jumped back. That was much shorter fight, after loosing few logis, enemy decided it is not worth it and they warped off. Way back was pretty uneventful, one unfortunate neut who was at wrong gate at wrong time ended up in a clone.

So my 2nd CTA with MH was much more exciting, I have scored few kills came back with cargo filled with enemy belongings and I was accepted into PXIN Navy at the same time, go me!