Saturday, 26 March 2011

First faction battleship

Those 3 words summarise my recent enterprise pretty well. Feeling smug after dropping Maelstrom day earlier I pinpointed Hurricane in a mission, he shot and warped out. As I settled in his mission preparing for extension, directional blinked with another Hurricane, he was back. I haven't done my research and it seems he had EM hardeners on his boat so while I was fiddling with my ammo his guns and drones were drilling holes in my armour plate, it was very close fight, we have raced through structures together and unfortunately for me he was faster. I congratulated him and let him pod me to Rens where my new cane was waiting for me already.

Next few days was rather uneventful, scans mostly came back with nothing and those that detected potential customers did not resulted in any decent baits. Star map map revealed increased carebear activity in Pator and I decided to move my operations there for a few days. Initial scans did not look very promising and I settled on a Cyclone. I must really not be a very charismatic because my ransom request was ignored and I had no choice but free this narrow minded individual from his rather badly fitted ship.

Following day looked very promising from the start, my eyes almost started bleeding when I saw fit on this Dominix, I really did not expected anyone flying this badly fitted ship to have any money so I dispatched him quickly without eve offering ransom and moved on looking for more valuable targets.

So far I limited myself to Battlecruisers and T1 Battleships, those seemed easier than Marauders and Faction Battleships, that was until my probes detected Typhoon Fleet Issue doing T3 mission. Quick ship scan revealed complete failure of fitting department and battleclinic check confirmed this potential victim to be completely clueless carebear. He hasn't lost any ships in high sec yet and was in NPC corp, chances were he would take a bait and stay in mission. My assumptions were 100% correct, TFI opened fire almost immediately. With shaking hands and pounding heart I swapped to Hurricane and undocked with one though in my mind - "is he still there?". Not entirely surprisingly he was still in his mission sitting still on landing, his defense was very anemic and in panic he must have forgotten about his drones, when my guns tore through his armour and hit his structure I recalled drones and opened convo.

Qintes > 200 mln you have 30 sec

I decide to give him really good deal and don't drag it too long, this looked almost too easy and I really didn't want to risk any RR arriving.

Qintes > 15
Qintes > 5
WOLF SKAR > you win 

What a genius, I have no idea what he meant perhaps he though I am going to thank him for good fight and let him go :P. My first Faction Battleship swiftly became a space dust, I was hoping for some tears but all I got was ragelog, well you can't have it all all the time.

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